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Considering Relinquishment


Relinquish a 
bird to
Hey Cute Bird Rescue

For our detailed relinquishment form in a printable version
please click the PDF to the right ->.
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Sometimes life happens and things change meaning you have to rehome your beloved feathered friend. 

HCB is here to help in this time.

Whether advice, connecting you to the community or relinquishment to the rescue,
please send us any questions you have.

What to Expect

Once the form is submitted we will reach back out to you to discuss meeting your bird and clarify any questions you/we might have. We will let you know our availability based on capacity. We generally do not take in large macaws and cockatoos. Smaller cockatoos we have room for depending on capacity. 

Is there a fee to relinquish a bird?

We are one of the few rescues that does not require a relinquishment fee. We do understand that birds may come in needing additional care outside of food and shelter. Donations towards care are 100% appreciated but we are aware that hard times often means money is also tight. We will never put someone on the spot or reject them over lack of funds.

Can I get updates about my bird?

Yes, in most cases you can ask for an update of how your bird is doing by sending us an email. Responses are up to the discretion of the rescue.

Can I visit my bird?

We don't typically allow visitation after relinquishment. This can cause stress on the bird due to confusion and disruption.  

What happens to my bird when I relinquish it?

Your bird will live in a home with other birds and be treated like family. They will be exposed to family life, develop routine, and we will observe behaviors to help aid us in placement. A bird may act different for us initially or even permanently due to environment changes. This can be a positive result most of the time.

Commonly asked Questions


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