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We are here to service our friends in Oregon, South Washington and even some areas of Idaho,

Hey Cute Bird Oregon Parrot Rescue is helping with:


-community rescue need

-lost and found birds


-emergency foster / emergency recovery

-advice, training and resources

-grooming services (medium / small bird only)

-boarding services with cages available

-bird room design and function (easier cleaning, easier feeding ideas to make you and your birds life better)

Some information

-We are not taking in macaws or large cockatoos, except for special cases, but we have suggested resources available for those in need or those seeking advice.


-We are not always able to take boarding or LTC foster birds due to space. We care for a few hospice birds so the space will primarily go to urgent need first.


-We are not a “give us your bird” kind of rescue. Avoid posts on Craigslist that want you to give people your birds for free promising they helping them and they are a good home. Avoid rescues that beg or ask for your bird. Screen your rescue resources, we are happy to provide references.


-We will first offer advice and assistance, sometimes all you and your bird needs is some new ideas, a better set up, or some training! Please feel free to message us about anything. Even if you’re just not sure what to do next. We love to help talk through problems and get some ideas started.


Adoptions and Screening:

-We are not like a typical rescue, we do not have a menu of birds available to pick from. We will try to match applications with applicable companions based on needs and owner lifestyle.


-We screen applicants heavily, including home visits and wellness checks. We have a pre application form on the website available to fill out ahead of time. Then there is secondary screening and contract you will also be required sign.

Community efforts:


-HCB tries to actively work in the community. We run PNW Parrot Partners as a way to connect all parts of the companion parrot industry. Yes this includes private breeders, stores, rehoming individuals and handmade crafters. Business and breeders are interviewed by admins ahead of time for pre approval. This does not mean we advocate for those people. We are here to support the community. There is room for everyone. This does not reflect our views on these individuals. We understand the best way to provide information and resources is to make it accessible. There are often times members of the community that stand out for their valuable contributions, those people will be recognized for their work and efforts. People who cause drama, treat animals poorly, and treat others poorly will not be allowed in the group.


-We will be working with Marion County Animal Control to aid with Salem’ and surrounding areas need for bird care resources.



-We do travel to help if possible, we have gone as far as 3-4 hours away for rescue aid. All depending on the situation.


Donation are gratefully accepted!


Cash app: $heycutebird

Venmo: @heycutebird

Thank you friends!



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