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Please fill out our adoption form.

We try to match bird to people. Not the other way around!
There's no menu of birds available. Your right match isn't always the first bird you see from a list.

Filling out the form does not guarantee contact! Feel free to follow up via or through Facebook!


Hey Cute Bird is for any parrot in need of shelter or care. We will always Prioritize the needs of the bird over the wants of a potential owner. Every bird has a story, a whole life outside our own. Their best interests and lifelong care is our only goal.

There are many reason that birds are surrendered to Hey Cute Bird.

  • Too Noisy

  • Too destructive

  • Too messy

  • They bite

  • Health/emotional problems

  • Costs of care are too high

  • Not enough time for them

  • Having a Baby

  • Allergies

  • Not friendly with everyone in the household

  • Owner passes away



For checks please message the page for instructions
*Gifts are not Tax Deductible
Thank you so much!

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