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Hey Cute Bird was established in 2018, 

as a volunteer, foster parent and eventual employee of our local Humane Society here in Salem Oregon with over 4000 volunteer hours, and operator of a pet supply small business for 8 years, it felt like such a natural progression for us to start our own rescue.

My husband and I bought a foreclosed residential daycare in 2015 and converted that into our little dream home. We have now modified it for birds, added an extra room, and a small outdoor aviary to allow our birds to have plenty of room and be happy!


We never planned to be as big as we have grown. Our family takes care of parrots that come in to our home just as we would our own. We are home to on average 20-30 smaller size birds at a time.

 Quaker Parrots are our main focus because 0f their specials needs and frequent relinquishment due to behavioral issues. But we help with all kinds of birds from cockatoos to finches.


We put ourselves out there to help. We hope community word of mouth and our representation and transparency to the community translates our mission. HCB has a handful of volunteers and foster parents. We have been here to help with hoarding situations, abuse cases, and the Oregon fires of 2020. We hope we can continue to service the community for years to come. If you have any questions always feel free to contact us!


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